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GPS Bodies

Sunday, April 6

GPS Bodies is an intermedia meditation on how relationships change when they are mediated through mobile dating apps. We present an immersive game experience for audiences to explore the nuances, complexities, and challenges that these Apps play in everyday lives.

Our dancers improvise a data visualization via moving bodies based on the audience's Twitter-based communications.

This event includes multiple performances occurring across multiple days: Sunday 4/6 1-8pm & Saturday 4/12 2-9pm

Here's how it works: After purchasing your ticket, you (and a group of your friends, should you desire) will be sent a start location and matched with one of our performers. After meeting a fellow participant at the start location, you will communicate with your performer via Twitter to navigate through the city of Philadelphia to finally meet your “match.” What happens when you finally meet them? Play to find out.

NOTE: This performance requires participants to use their smartphones with mobile data plans. It also requires use and experience with Twitter, Vine, and other social media.

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