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Net Neutrality is Dead… For Now

Wednesday, April 9

Net Neutrality may have been pronounced dead but there is still hope that the FCC can resuscitate it by correcting it's past mistakes. Learn about what steps could be taken to make broadband networks open, accessible, reliable and affordable for everyone.

This roundtable discussion will engage local and national experts in a conversation about Net Neutrality and Internet access as it impacts users, small businesses and Internet activists in Philadelphia and throughout the country. This event will be taped with a live studio audience. We will also be live streaming the event:

Guests include:

  • Hannah Sassaman, Media Mobilizing Project
  • Brigitte F. Daniel, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.
  • Steve Renderos, Center for Media Jusitce
  • Moderated by Vanessa Graber
699 Ranstead St.